Kamis, 02 Mei 2013

SpamMan v8.1.1 for blackberry all OS

SpamMan v8.1.1
SpamMan v8.1.1 for BlackBerry

SpamMan v8.1.1 - Lost phone, BlackBerry annoying than losing! You want anger out on people who are holding the phone? Angry with people who love each other! You need a sincerity to the 5000 apology!?? Think SpamMan software v8.1.1

The software works correctly and the job is spam subscribers.
- Software can send spam through the form: PIN messages (BBM believe not: format email message via PIN), email. SMS.
- You can choose the number of posts from 10 up to 5000 information at once
- Can be stopped immediately!
- Used by the Message - Press Menu - select Compose Message SpamMan

Any thoughts or acts of sabotage do not take responsibility!
Wishing you happy with this software and large then, to avoid misuse of the author!

Download SpamMan v8.1.1

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